Handling Loss

One of the most difficult things to experience is pregnancy loss. It can happen as it often does, in the first trimester, or far later, resulting in the devastation of a stillborn delivery. Sometimes parents have to make the heartbreaking decision to choose between the baby’s life and Mom’s. Regardless of circumstances, these are horrible losses for any parent to face. Unfortunately, our society sometimes makes it even more difficult by writing such losses...

Shared Experiences

Why do we care so much about the idea of “shared experience?” Every Mom dealing with PMADs (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders) asks, in some fashion or another, whether other Moms feel this way.  Do other Moms struggle with sadness or anger? Are there other Moms who are anxious all the time, or suddenly obsessed with germs or their babies becoming ill or dying? Are all the other Moms happy and there’s just something wrong with me? What these Moms are as

New: Terra’s Place Blog!

Welcome to the new Terra’s Place blog: All About Families! As you may have gathered, Terra’s Place exists to help Moms and their families manage perinatal and postpartum mood issues (depression, anxiety, OCD, and others), adjust to parenthood, and navigate the changes to relationships that parenting brings. We offer support for Moms, Dads and even brothers and sisters to feel comfortable caring for new babies and each other. We want to make sure that par