It’s been a while since I posted a new blog to the Terra’s Place website, and partly that’s due to my wanting them to be meaningful, or funny, or inspiring, and not just posting something for the sake of posting. After attending the first annual 4th Trimester Conference this past weekend, however, I am just downright inspired. And I wanted to share that with all of you!
The conference represented all the work and dedication and creativity of a community that is coming together to (finally!) take care of Mamas and Daddies. I saw presenters and vendors representing just about every aspect of pregnancy and parenthood from ways to add movement to your life even with baby in arms, to baby-proofing your house, to pediatrics, to nutritious food for breastfeeding Moms, to making a 4th trimester plan for those first few months after baby comes home. And so so much more! So when I say community, I mean COMMUNITY!! There is a real movement afoot to start ensuring that Mamas and Daddies feel supported, have services, and get the guidance they need to create reasonable expectations for themselves and their families. Of course, Terra’s Place was there letting families and other community partners know that we want to make sure that families struggling with PMADs (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders) get the specialized treatment they need to be happy and healthy! It was such a joy to see so many people dedicated to the well being of parents.
So the reason for this blog post is to let you know that, not only are you not alone in terms of PMADs and Terra’s Place, but you are not alone in terms of just about any service or support you could need. We all were trading cards and brochures with each other, so you could contact just about anyone and they could help you find the person or service you were seeking. That’s what I call “community”!