Welcome to the new Terra’s Place blog: All About Families!

As you may have gathered, Terra’s Place exists to help Moms and their families manage perinatal and postpartum mood issues (depression, anxiety, OCD, and others), adjust to parenthood, and navigate the changes to relationships that parenting brings. We offer support for Moms, Dads and even brothers and sisters to feel comfortable caring for new babies and each other. We want to make sure that parents have access to the best and the latest in baby care and parenting tips, self-care and wellness, mental health, family health, and the science related maternity and postpartum care.

What to expect from the new Terra’s Place blog: Some of our blog posts will be chocked full of information, some will be stories to educate or inspire, some will be for fun and amusement (because don’t stressed out families need some giggles now and then?!), and some will be created to let you know that you are not alone, you are not to blame, and with help, you will get better! I will write a lot of the blogs, and a few may be written by some of our other Terra’s Place staff. We want Terra’s Place to be more than a clinic–we want Terra’s Place to be your community and your “safe place” to address all the challenges that go with motherhood and parenting. And we want to hear from you! So send us your feedback and your ideas for future blog topics you would like to see covered. You can email me at bobbi@terrasplaceaz.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Dr. Bobbi Vogelsang