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Terra’s Place is a proud member of Postpartum Support International (PSI), as well as the PSI Arizona Chapter.

The Arizona Warmline is a 24-hour phone line for moms, families, and friends that need help understanding more about what you or your loved one is going through. Volunteers who have been there, completely understand postpartum mood disorders, and can relate to what you might be going through respond to each call or email, and will point you to helpful resources for support and treatment in your area. You can call the AZ Warm Line 24 hours a day at 888-434-MOMS (6667) or email, and a volunteer will call you back between 8am and 8pm every day of the year.

2020 Mom offers a wealth of resources mothers, families, and friends of those suffering from perinatal mood disorders, and/or for those looking to support local and national efforts at improving care for mothers and families in the perinatal time period (preparing for pregnancy through the first year after birth).

We’ve collected many resources that can be helpful to you and your family. Click on the titles below to download or view some of our favorite free resources:

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety in Plain Mama English

Risk Factors for PMADs

Postpartum Progress, now part of Postpartum Support International, has great information about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders available for free online. Our favorite is this one: “What if it doesn’t feel like depression?

We share the following resources with gratitude to

New Mom Checklist for Maternal Mental Health Help – Download, print, and take to your doctor!

Spanish Maternal Mental Health Checklist

Lista de verificación para nuevas mamás para obtener ayuda de salud mental materna – Descargue, imprima, lleve a su doctor!

Guide to Perinatal Mental Disorders from – This highly comprehensive guide, written by Dr. Carla Brock, provides an overview to Perinatal Mental Disorders, breaks down the symptoms you may experience, and discusses the many treatment options available. Thank you to Rachel Fink, Founder,, for sharing this resource with us!

Looking for more information about what puts mothers at risk for developing postpartum depression? Wondering about what services are available nationally – outside of Arizona? provides information and resources for women and their loved ones to ensure they get the care and support they need. Jenna Carberg, a Women’s Health Advocate, helped create this site after experiencing PPD following the birth of her first daughter, Elsie. 

Self-screenings can be useful for you or your loved one, and can be taken with you to a doctor’s or therapist’s appointment to ask for more help. NOTE: These should only be interpreted by a qualified medical or mental health professional. Please print and bring these with you to appointments with physicians or mental health therapists:

Depression screening (PHQ-9)

Anxiety screening (GAD-7)

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety screening (EPDS)

Bipolar Screening (MDQ)

Interested in learning more about mental health symptoms, diagnoses and treatments, evidence based therapist, and more? 

We encourage you to visit this site, which is a partnership between Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies and PsychHub, an online platform providing free videos about mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention. 

We encourage you to learn, share, and discuss your questions and concerns with a qualified medical and/or behavioral health provider to receive the treatment you deserve!

Resources for self-healing

Feel like you just need a little help NOW?!

Try listening to one of our Guided Meditations, designed to be utilized during times of stress to help you calm down and relax, and also designed to be used on a regular basis to help prevent depression and anxiety. 

Apps we <3!

We recommend the following smartphone apps to patients for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression:

  • Calm is the #1 app for meditation and sleep
  • Calm Down Now is a wonderful app that has guided visualizations for anxiety/panic attacks, reducing stress, relaxing sounds, and demonstrates the Tapping Sequence (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Breathe checks in with your emotional state and tailors a guided meditation just for you!